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Church Decoration Religious Sculpture Saint James Statue Outdoor Decor for Sale CHS-259


Details of religious sculpture St. James statue:

Religious sculpture St. James statue is a lovely addition to any Catholic family. It is not only beautiful in your garden but also a great encouragement to your life, so that you are filled with faith and love every day.

Here James shows the symbol of a pilgrim. He walks and the clothes he wears are symbols of medieval Christian pilgrims.His iconic thing is the scallop shell, which is used to mark the pilgrimage route.


life size St James statue


During the eleventh and twelfth centuries, many people from the west of France to Compostela in Spain go on a pilgrimage route close to a thousand miles. The pilgrimage may last for months or even years, and the road is full of hardships. And danger, terrain and weather will be factors that test people’s willpower. James and others, like pilgrims, walk and live on the way to Conposra.


St James statue for sale


Religious sculpture St. James statue is one of the twelve apostles and one of Jesus’ closest disciples. He traveled long because his cultural relics in Compostela, Spain, are said to be one of the most important pilgrimage destinations of Christianity.


St James statue outdoor


The religious sculpture St. James statue placed in your garden will have unexpected surprises, making your garden a place to relax and enjoy. From the pressure of fast-paced life, there is a secret garden in your heart. It will be your spiritual Faith, to resonate with you in the Catholic sentiment.


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About the production of Religious sculpture St. James statue:

It is a life-size statue. You Fine has a very rich experience in this type of statue making and is also in the leading position in the same industry. We use a 1:1 carved clay mold to know through the continuous modification of the clay mold. Satisfied only began to make statues. With high-quality marble as the raw material, the skilled sculptors carved the figures, expressions and outlines of the clothes very vividly. The final product is very satisfying to us and our customers.

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