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Custom Exquisite Marble Cherub Headstone for Sale

Marble Cherub Headstone Details:

The marble cherub headstone is designed in black and white color, giving people a strong visual impact. Below the marble cherub headstone is a black marble step with text. On top are two crossed palms. In the palms is a cherub angel sleeping cross-legged. Behind the cherub angel is a marble backrest.

Marble Cherub Headstone Details


The Meaning of Marble Cherub Headstone:

This marble cherub headstone was customized by our client for their child. It has a ceramic photo of the child. The face of the angel is replaced by the face of the child. The two palms symbolize the love of the parents for the child, as the text below says Always in our thoughts, Forever in our hearts. Losing a child is a sad thing, and we could commemorate him by customizing a special marble tombstone.

White Marble Cherub Headstone


High-quality Natural Marble Material:

To make this cherub headstone carving better and store it for a longer time, we especially use high-quality natural marble for hand carving. This kind of marble has no impurities, is very sturdy, could resist various harsh environments, and could stand the test of time.

Sufficient High-quality Marble Raw Materials


Tight Packaging:

After the marble cherub headstone is carved, we would send the picture or videos to you for confirmation. If there are no problems, our QC team would arrange packaging and delivery. We would use thick soft foam and sponge packaging, and add sturdy 3cm wooden crate packaging on the outside to ensure that it arrives in your hands in perfect condition.



More Marble Tombstones:

In addition to this marble cherub headstone, we also have many other styles of marble tombstones, such as marble angel tombstones, marble religious tombstones, marble cross tombstones, etc., with different colors, styles, sizes, etc., and all support customization.

more marble headstone styles


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