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Custom Marble Jesus and Angels Statues Cross Monuments for Sale

Exquisite Marble Cross Monument:

This marble cross monument has a stepped design and consists of a Jesus statue with outstretched hands and two angels statues kneeling in prayer. Jesus wears a robe with a design of the Sacred Heart on his chest and a marble cross behind him. Two little winged angels knelt on either side of Jesus, one on the left and one on the right, and made a gesture of looking up at Jesus. The steps also have Presley’s text carved on it.

marble statuary cross monument

Cross Monument’s Symbols:

The cross monument is the most classic tombstone style in Europe. It is also a commonly used tombstone in Western churches such as Christianity and Catholicism. The cross is the place where Jesus was crucified. It is a symbol of a person who has the love of the Lord and self-atonement in the world.

marble cross headstone

Provide Customized Services:

The statues, style, color, size, and decoration of this cross tombstone could be customized according to your needs. You could also add some ceramic photos and texts with special meanings, as well as some tombstone accessories, such as vases, tomb lamps, etc. YouFine has professional designers who could meet your diverse needs.

personal custom

YouFine Top Artists:

Our carving artists are all the best in the world. They possess advanced carving skills in China, and after decades of accumulation, they have reached the point of perfection in carving marble cross headstones and could restore your ideal tombstone to the greatest extent.

marble gravestone carving process

More Marble Monument Styles:

YouFine has focused on the fine carving of marble tombstones for more than 40 years, so in addition to this marble cross tombstone, we also have many other styles, such as marble angel tombstones, marble flower tombstones, marble religious tombstones, etc. for you to choose.

more marble headstone styles

Looking forward to cooperating with you and establishing a long-lasting friendship.

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