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Famous Religious Sculpture Pieta Statue Outdoor Church Decoration for Sale CHS-262

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Details of Religious Sculpture Pieta statue:

Religious Sculpture Pieta statue is carved from a piece of high quality marble. Specifically, it is Sichuan high quality stone, which is a white stone. It has been a favorite medium for sculptors since ancient Roman times. It is very fine and smooth after polishing, and it is very beautiful both outdoors and indoors.


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Religious Sculpture Pieta statue is a famous religious statue that combines the classical aesthetics of the Renaissance with the posture of pro-naturalism. Another nod of influence on the Renaissance was a final pyramid-like structure formed by Mary’s head, flowing from her arms to the bottom of her robes.


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The religious Sculpture Pieta statue was originally designed by Michelangelo, and Michelangelo’s exact job description of the project was to create “the most beautiful marble work in Rome, and no living artist can do better.” Although other sculptors may be hesitant about such a strong demand, Michelangelo believes he can accomplish such a task. Many people think that Pietà is his greatest work, even the ceiling of David and the Sistine Chapel.


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The religious Sculpture Pieta statue is inspired by the graceful depiction of the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ, inspiring emotions, beliefs and imitations. If you want to choose a religious sculpture for your courtyard, then this sculpture will be perfect for you. In addition to this one, there are many other religious sculptures to choose from.


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The packing of religious Sculpture Pieta statue would use professional wooden case packaging, wrapped in a variety of soft cotton cloth, together with solid support, make sure that product could safely delivered to you.

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