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Hand Carved Archangel Saint Michael Religious Sculpture for Garden CHS-362

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Details of archangel saint Michael religious sculpture:

This archangel saint Michael religious sculpture is a famous statue. Usually Michael ‘s appearance will appear with Satan and the devil. His uniform on Satan represents justice and guardianship. The mission and importance of the angel leader is explained in the article, it could protect you and Your family, bring guardianship.


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The creation process of the archangel saint Michael religious sculpture is worth sharing with you. This is the general structure that our customers have given us, and its production is inspired by the story of St. Michael. The client is a person who loves religious statues very much. He wants to decorate his garden with this statue, because a beautiful garden is very happy for him.


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The archangel saint Michael religious sculpture not only surprises your garden, it could be used in churches, or it can be given to friends. Whether it is for yourself or for others, it would make you feel happy from the bottom of your heart. Especially when your friend is a Catholic or when his name matches, the Catholic Church’s Catechism shows that the icon spreads the same gospel message that the Bible conveys.


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On the archangel saint Michael religious sculpture, we could see Michael has a sword in his right hand, above Satan’s head. The scale usually symbolizes the equal application of law and justice in society. The scale of St. Michael also depicts justice. The main purpose of these scales is not to measure justice, but to measure the soul. They showed his role as a measure of compassion. The main role of St. Michael’s Archangel is to promote justice and compassion in a perfect balance.


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The archangel saint Michael religious sculpture has a lot of meaning in life. If you believe in the mission and power of St. Michael, his image would give you a feeling of peace and protection. According to the Catholic tradition, on Judgment Day, St. Michael would measure the soul according to our behavior in life on earth.

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