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High-Quality Religious Marble Jesus Headstone for Sale

marble jesus headstone

Description of The Marble Jesus Headstone:

This marble Jesus headstone is finely carved from black and white marble. Jesus stands on the marble base with his hands outstretched, smiling, and decorated with the Sacred Heart on his chest, which is very vivid. The tombstones behind Jesus and on both sides are designed in black and gold, decorated with crosses and exquisite patterns.

marble jesus headstone

Applications of Marble Jesus Headstone:

Losing a loved one is sad, and the last thing we could do for them is to choose a suitable marble tombstone as their final resting place. For devout Catholic believers, this marble Jesus headstone is very suitable. It could represent the faith of the passing and let the passing feel the care of Jesus.

Applications of Marble Jesus Headstone

Create The Ideal Marble Religious Tombstone:

The size, style, color, decoration, etc. of this marble Jesus headstone could be changed according to your needs and the preferences of the passing. You could change the posture of Jesus to cross hands on the chest, and the marble tombstone next to it could be carved, you could carve the passing’s favorite words or the words you want to say to the passing or carve ceramic photos of the passing. You could also add some marble vases on it to place flowers.

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YouFine Experienced Artists:

YouFine artists are over 40 years old on average and come from families of sculptors. They have been influenced by the culture of marble tombstone carving since they were young, and they have been engaged in the fine carving of marble tombstones for decades. They are very skilled in technical and could better resonate with you emotionally, so they would carefully carve every detail to help you have the perfect appearance of the marble tombstone.

marble gravestone carving process

More Marble Tombstone Styles:

YouFine was established in 1983 as a direct sales factory and has been focusing on the fine carving of marble tombstones for more than 40 years. Therefore, we have many different styles of marble tombstones, such as marble angel tombstones, marble cross tombstones, marble religious tombstones, marble floral tombstones, etc., to meet your different needs.

more marble headstone styles

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