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White Custom Marble Angel Headstone with Heart Shape for Sale

marble angel headstone

Realistic Marble Angel Headstone:

This is a marble angel headstone full of affection and artistic beauty. This tombstone is carved with a lifelike, holy, and solemn angel. The angel is wearing a long dress, holding flowers in one hand, leaning on the heart-shaped marble with the other, her eyes closed, and her expression sad. There are also blooming flowers under the heart-shaped marble, full of life.

Realistic Marble Angel Headstone


Marble Angel Headstone Meanings:

This marble angel headstone features a unique angel design, symbolizing the power of love, hope, and protection. It conveys the deep memory and endless sorrow for the passing one. Its white texture is like a pure soul.

white marble angel headstone


High-quality Marble Raw Materials:

In terms of material selection, we strictly control to ensure that each piece of marble is taken from high-quality mineral sources, has moderate hardness and strong weather resistance, can resist erosion over time, and preserves this deep affection for a long time. No matter if it has been baptized by wind and rain, it remains as new as ever, carrying eternal memories.

Sufficient High-quality Marble Raw Materials


Support Customized Services:

YouFine also provides marble angel headstone customization services. We could carve the passing’s name, date of birth and passing, and condolence words on the tombstone according to your needs, making it a unique memorial carrier. It also supports carving ceramic photos of the passing and adding some vases, tomb lamps, and other decorations.

personal custom


About Transportation:

YouFine factory marble angel headstone mainly uses sea transportation for transportation. In addition to sea transportation, we also support train and air transportation. Ocean freight is relatively low, but the corresponding time may be relatively long. You could discuss a suitable transportation plan with our sales based on your needs.

About Transportation


If you are interested in our marble angel tombstone, you could send us an inquiry.

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