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White Custom Marble Weeping Angel Memorial Headstone Manufacturer

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Weeping Angel Tombstone:

The winged angel, wearing a white long dress, is crying on the marble base, with her head resting on one arm. The feathers, hair, and finger joints on the angel’s wings are very delicate. Through this marble angel headstone, we could feel the angel’s sorrow. The marble base adopts a step design, with vines and leaves carved on it, which is exquisite.

marble angel memorial headstone

Marble Angel Tombstone Introduction:

Angels are God’s messengers, conveying instructions to mankind on behalf of God, and are also the guardians of mankind and symbols of justice and kindness. Losing a loved one is a very sad thing, so many people would choose an angel headstone to accompany their passing loved one and to express their missing the passing loved one.


Provide Customized Services:

The tombstone is the last thing we could do for our passing loved ones, we all wanted to make the tombstone as good as possible, so the YouFine team provides customized services for marble angel tombstones. You could choose to carve ceramic photos of your loved ones on the tombstone, add words you want to say or add some designs with special meaning, etc. YouFine has a professional design team who could help you realize the ideal design.

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Fast Finish Speed:

Everyone hopes to receive the marble angel tombstone as soon as possible for subsequent funeral arrangements. Therefore, YouFine specially arranges for multiple artists who specialize in marble tombstone carving to carve at the same time to ensure high quality while shortening the time for you as much as possible.

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More Marble Tombstone Options:

YouFine has been focusing on marble tombstone carving for more than 40 years, so in addition to marble weeping angel tombstones, we also have marble sitting angel tombstones, marble cross tombstones, marble cherub tombstones, etc. for you to choose from.

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If you are interested in YouFine marble tombstones, you could leave your contact information and our sales staff would contact you as soon as possible.

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