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White Weeping Statue Marble Tombstone for Sale

white marble tombstone

White Marble Tombstone Details:

This white marble tombstone is very exquisite. A woman wearing a white robe and a hat is sitting on the marble base, covering her face with her hands and crying. The tassels on the clothes, the folds of the clothes, and the slender fingers of the characters are all very vivid.

White Weeping Statue Marble Tombstone

White Marble Tombstone Symbolizes:

The white marble tombstone weeping statue symbolizes the endless grief and deep memory of the passing one. It is a release of the emotions of the living and a comfort to the soul of the passing. The tears which means that although the river of life has flowed into the distance, love and longing will never dry up, thus declaring to the world the high respect for life and family affection.

White Weeping Statue Marble Tombstone Application

Provide Customized Services:

YouFine is a well-known factory for marble tombstones and could provide customized services. Customize each marble tombstone sculpture according to your needs and the characteristics of the passing, such as changing the style, adding carved text, and decoration, adding marble vases, ceramic photos, etc., so that make this tombstone a unique memorial to the passing’s life and personality, allowing every visitor to truly feel the unique grief.

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Pure White Marble Material:

The white marble tombstone uses the finest pure white marble as its raw material. Its texture is hard and its color is pure, symbolizing eternity and purity. The weather resistance and stability of marble allow the weeping sculpture tombstone to maintain its original shape and color after being baptized by wind and rain, becoming a symbol of the eternal spirit of the deceased, witnessing the changes of the years, and adhering to the eternal promise.

Sufficient High-quality Marble Raw Materials

Professional Packaging:

To ensure the safety of the white marble tombstone during transportation, we use professional-grade packaging materials and protective measures, from soft foam lining to external reinforced wooden crates, to ensure that every white marble tombstone weeping statue is in good condition when it is delivered to the destination.


If you are interested in any of our marble tombstones or want some custom marble tombstones, you could send us an inquiry directly.

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