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Catholic Life Size Marble Virgin Mary Headstone Manufacturer

Marble Virgin Mary Headstone Details

Marble Virgin Mary Headstone Details:

This marble Virgin Mary headstone is very exquisite, with two levels of black steps. On the second level of steps is a white statue of the Virgin Mary, with the Virgin opening her hands in a welcoming gesture. Both sides of the steps are decorated with white marble vases. The steps are also carved with designs of doves holding grass in their beaks, and there are some text decorations in the middle.

Marble Virgin Mary Headstone Details


Marble Virgin Mary Headstone Application:

Devout Catholic believers, all love Catholic sculptures or decorations, so choosing this marble Virgin Mary headstone as their resting place in the world is a good choice. You could carve some special decorations or designs on the marble tombstone according to the preferences and personality of the passing one. Of course, you could also add some accessories such as vases and marble tomb lamps to make this marble Virgin Mary headstone more personalized.

marble virgin mary headstone


Various Marble Materials:

To meet your personalized needs, YouFine has specially purchased many marbles of different colors and materials, such as white series, gray series, black series, green series, red series, etc. As long as you need the color, we could provide it. The marble we use is pure natural marble mined from mines and could be used for hundreds of years.

Sufficient High-quality Marble Raw Materials


World Class Artists:

Our artists come from Quyang County, Hebei Province, a famous sculpture hometown in China. The marble tombstone carving technical gained by our artists has been passed down through thousands of years of cultural inheritance.  Therefore, the marble Virgin Mary headstone carved by our artists could allow you to see the lifelike appearance and also let you feel the heritage spirit across thousands of years.

marble gravestone carving process


More Marble Tombstone Styles:

As a marble tombstone carving factory for more than 40 years, we have many styles of marble tombstones, such as marble angel tombstones, marble cross tombstones, marble Jesus tombstones, marble saint tombstones, marble animal tombstones, etc.

more marble headstone styles


If you are interested in our Marble Virgin Mary Headstone, you could send us an inquiry, we look forward to cooperating with you.


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