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White Catholic Marble Jesus Statue Tombstone Supplier

White Marble Tombstone Details:

The white marble Jesus statue tombstone is very gorgeous, with a door frame design as a whole, reddish-brown marble top and bottom, marble vases with vines, and exquisite marble columns on both sides. In the middle of the door frame is a statue of Jesus with a cross. The besides people show sad expressions towards Jesus on the cross. There are also carved words on the marble tombstone, which are very clear.

Marble Jesus Statue Tombstone


Pure Natural High-quality Marble:

Losing a loved one is a very sad thing, and as the last thing we could do for them, we all want to make the best arrangements possible. This white marble tombstone is carved of pure natural high-quality marble. It is of high quality and could be used for hundreds of years. Future generations could use the white marble tombstone to pay tribute to their loved ones. At the same time, the marble material is very smooth and easy to clean daily.

Sufficient High-quality Marble Raw Materials


Provide Personalized Customized Services:

This white marble Jesus statue tombstone supports customization. The color, figures, design, carved text, decoration, etc. of the tombstone could be changed according to your preferences. YouFine has a professional team of designers who could provide you with 3D drawings to visualize your design and could provide you with detailed design suggestions.

personal custom


Detail-oriented Artists:

Our artists are over 40 years old on average and have been engaged in the fine carving of marble tombstones for decades. They have rich experience and top-notch skills. Based on their life experiences, they could understand the grief of losing a loved one. Therefore, they devote all their time and energy to each marble tombstone, polishing every detail many times so that you would have no regrets.

marble gravestone carving process


More Marble Tombstone Styles:

As a direct sales factory that has exported marble tombstones for more than 40 years, we have many styles of marble tombstones, such as the marble angel tombstone, the marble cherub tombstone, the marble Virgin tombstone, the marble cross tombstone, the marble animal tombstone, etc.

more marble headstone styles


If you want to know more information about marble tombstones, you could send us an inquiry and our sales manager would answer you in detail.


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